With a blog titled Saved by the Blog, it’s my obligation to make sure my first entry is about popular ’90s teen sitcom (is it a sitcom?), Saved by the Bell.  It’s been done before; I’m sure of it.  But my objective is to more deeply explore the show and its characters.  For instance, here are some questions I’ve always had:

  1. Why are Zack and Screech even friends?
  2. What happened to stepbrother Eric?
  3. Why is it that Kelly is a memorably terrible singer while singing in the Miss Bayside pageant, yet is a great singer in the girls’ popular band Hot Sundae? 

These are all topics I’m willing and eager to look into.  First, I’d like to start with the Malibu Sands episodes.

This string of episodes features America’s favorite bitch, Leah Remini.  (I love King of Queens and I love her, just to be clear.)  The gang goes to Malibu for the summer, and with the exception of Lisa, whose family are valued members of the beach club there, all get jobs at the Malibu Sands Beach Club.  The first episode is “Zack’s Birthday.”


  1. Why is teenage Stacey Carosi dressed in business-wear upon her entrance to the club?
  2. What crawled up Stacey’s ass to make her so MEAN to the employees, specifically Zack?  I hope we find out.
  3. Are we supposed to be afraid of Mr. Carosi, or think he’s a bumbling moron?


  1. Now, when I was 16, I worked at Petsmart.  My main duties included scooping up dead fish carcasses, pretending to like hamsters, learning the hard way that you can’t pick an Anole up by its tail or else you have to search the store to find the part of its body that ran away, and eating Doritos and Mountain Dew in the break room.  I certainly would’ve rather spent my summer working at a 5-star beach club with my best friends and the potential to meet a tanned, frosted-tipped hunk.
  2. I had a hard time separating Mr. Carosi from Pumbaa, even though they are very different characters.  (That’s the same actor, guys!)

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